I have lived with dogs all my life, my parents had a labrador before I was born which I was brought up with, and after he passed away in 1987 they bought "Nikki" a female golden retriever puppy as our new family pet, and we have stuck with this beautiful breed ever since. Stuart also had a golden retriever "Lucy" in his family - who coincidently once comparing pedigree's happened to be a half sister to our Nikki! My first "show" golden was Oliver who was bought in July 1995 again as a family pet by my parents whilst I was still living at home, it didn't take long until I was hooked on the showing side and Becky followed a couple of years after. When Stuart and I set up home together we had Becky with us, but it wasn't long until Tammy arrived (3 days to be precise!) quickly followed by Baxter just months after! And our story begins from there - at 3 years old we decided to have our first litter from Becky and I got our "Knockothie" affix - which came from the farm ground that our first house was build on. We kept Kirsty from our first litter and soon after decided to move out to the countryside so we had more room for us and the dogs. December 2006 saw the arrival of our lovely daughter Emily, who adores the dogs - all she ever known so she hasn't much choice there! I enjoy showing the dogs at weekends and Emily has taken to it too, showing Lottie in the Junior Handling classes at the odd show. Stuart prefers to stay away from the show scene and his interest is working the dogs. He is in a local syndicate where he shoots frequently through the winter season - Lottie is his firm favourite but he hopes to double up and be joined by Katie in the near future- although her training needs a little "tweaking"!!


I hope you have enjoyed reading a little background about ourselves.